Hello, I'm Mike!

I love to travel. Some highlights from the last couple of years have been sampling the street food delights of Taiwan, lazing on hidden paradise beaches in the Philippines, starting to learn Yoga in Bali and discovering new music at Iceland Airwaves music festival in Reykjavik, where I also got to see the northern lights for the first time. Trains, planes and boats make me happy. The list of other places I’ve been and places I want to go is far too long to jot down here!

colour film shot of Mike Plunkett taking a picture

When I’m not actually travelling or busy planning my next trip you’ll find me keeping fit by way of running, cycling and now Yoga! I love music and try to get out to gigs when I can. I also meditate. On the flip side I do like the finer things in life when I can afford them and spend far too much money on food.

I’m generally an optimist, I have the patience of a saint and lots of love for everyone. Namaste.

I live in Manchester, with my two cats Rufus and Martha.

My mum is a huge shutterbug, (she takes lots of pictures) let’s just say my childhood is well documented! It was only a matter of time before I picked up the camera myself. My mum always had a good one I could borrow! (along with her wedding hat too!)






Mike Plunkett facts

• I have a performing background and very nearly made it on the telly in my teens.

• I spent a couple of years as Howard in a Take That tribute act. ( I don't sing at weddings sorry!)

• I can wiggle my ears independently

• I was a DJ in the late 1990’s and still collect vinyl today.

• I once spent a year living on a canal barge

• I sold my first home aged 21 and I travelled the world alone for a year.

• ‘Ey Up Love’ – I’m from Leeds originally but have lived in Manchester since 2007

• I used to schedule programme trailers on the BBC

Photo of Mike Plunkett against a blue wall

"One wedding lead to another and now I love it!"

After a couple of years of taking photography seriously doing cityscapes and street photography I was unexpectedly asked to shoot a friend’s wedding, when their photographer fell through at the last minute. One wedding lead to another and after a few years I got too busy doing wedding photography to keep up my day job! It's now been 9 years since that first wedding and I love it more than ever. Wedding photography wasn’t something I had ever considered but it turns out it really suits me! I recently won an award from Fearless Photographers and my work has been featured multiple times online and in print. That stuff is nice but it’s never about me or my portfolio, It’s about the people I’m taking pictures for. I'm so thankful to that friend for having faith in me, and to all the couples who've trusted me to capture their day for them so far… I really do love what I do!

Manchester Wedding Photographer

I spend a lot of time with other photographers, It's always community over competition for me. We can help each other out in our businesses but also with our creativity, regularly sitting for each other to practice our portrait photography skills. It's given me plenty of pictures to use for this page but I've gotten used to being on the other side of the lens too, which most importantly helps me better relate to the people I photograph. Photography isn't just a job for me but a vocation and way of life.

Team Meeting

At Mike Plunkett Photography