It’s so simple!

I see it all the time from amateurs to professionals, they all fall prey to this when taking pictures using their phones. It’s a bug bearer of mine as there’s such a simple fix. I think people don’t expect much from their phones, even though these days they know their phone is capable of taking great pictures, so when they see that their pictures aren’t very clear, most people won’t question why. I see so many hazy pictures shared online that could have been better, they didn’t need to be hazy and blurry! It’s something I mention at bridal prep at most weddings, when I see the phones coming out for the obligatory group selfies. I have found myself just pointing this out to strangers too if I catch that it could help them!


picture of mike demonstrating the difference between cleaning your lens and not

All hands are grubby!

Phones were not designed to be used as cameras but as phones, sure, they can take great pictures and really the best camera is the one you have with you. But the ergonomics of the camera phone means that you just can’t avoid touching the lenses (front and back of the phone) with your grubby fingers! Even the cleanest of hands can be ever so slightly oily and especially if you used the hand lotion in the bathroom just now too! If you actually like the hazy ‘beauty look’ of times past, where they purposefully put Vaseline on the lens, then you’ve read too far, this article isn’t for you! But if like me you mostly prefer clear, sharp images then you need to be taking your pictures through a clean lens! Your phone is capable of nice clean and sharp images but only if the lens is nice and clean! Well that’s it, that’s the one thing you need to do! Clean the lens. It’s as simple as breathing on it and giving it a quick wipe with something clean and soft. I’m usually wearing a cotton t-shirt so don’t need to carry anything specific around with me. But if all your clothes are scratchy and your grubby little mitts are causing your phone photos to have a 1980’s beauty glow, you might want to start carrying something to wipe those little lenses on your phone camera before your next shoot.


two more examples of an unclean lens vs a clean one

There’s more

While this one thing will help, there are of course many more things you can do to improve your pictures further, once you’ve cleaned your lens! I plan to write a few more posts around this in the coming year so make sure you’re signed up to my newsletter to get the info direct into your email inbox! Subscribe below!

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