Taiwan has been incredible! We came for the food and boy did we eat the food! ALL the food. I came prepared though with an elasticated belt, no seriously I did! As such we spent our 10 nights just around the cities, seeing Taipei, Kaohsiung and Taiwan’s old capital, Tainan. Japan occupied Taiwan from 1895 until 1946, when it was then taken by the Republic of China. The influence of Japan is everywhere and it seemed that at least half the restaurants were Japanese along with many of the tourists too! It seems Taiwan is a bit off the radar for Europeans. John had a handful of phrases at the ready in Mandarin and there were enough menus and people speaking English for us to get by.

stinky tofu street food stand

Food Lovers Paradise

Our experience of Taiwan is of course limited to the cities I mentioned but we found them very easy to get around, safe and friendly. A very modern place in many respects too. Taipei in particular is also quite fashionable. I did two couples photo shoots while I was here and it was great to spend time with some locals. A huge thank you to them for their time and hospitality. Once blogged I’ll pop the links at the bottom of this post. At least half of the photos I took are of food and the awesome night markets, I’m going to leave it up to my husband John to blog about that and I’ll pop a link here too once it’s ready. Or you can follow his Instagram for updates on what we’ve eaten. Like I said, the food was why we came here!

view from the bottom of the taipei 101 building

Taipei Street Photography

There’s so much of this island we didn’t get to see so I hope we get to come back one day soon! I’m going to miss the piano noise as you enter the Metro in Taipei and the train arrival music. John is most certainly going to miss the bubble tea…I’ll probably have to support him through a withdrawal period. Neither of us will miss the smell of Stinky Tofu, I confess I didn’t try it, maybe next time. Until then though here’s just a few of the street photography and travel shots I took in Taiwan. Next stop for us, the Philippines.

ximending in the rainblack cat perched on tablenight scene on street in taipei, taiwanwalking up to the top of elephant mountainstreet food stand flame cooking beef steakview from the top of taipei 101street cleaner in kaohsiungview from the top of taipei 101street food in taiwan night marketsteamed dumplings food standferry terminal in kaohsiungold lady guarding her housestreet view in taipeiMosaic wall art of boy peeingpeople eating hot pot in night market in taiwanman with head in his hands in temple in tainantrain guard blowing his whistlea cat wearing a cool jacketanother view from the 88th floor of the taipei 101 building deep fried squid in the street food marketlady on a biketaiwan street photographypeople waiting on a platform for their trainferry terminal at nightmore Delicious Taiwanese foodrolling pin on a blindworld trade centre in taipeilady asleep with her knitting needleskaohsiung at night

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