Colourful Birmingham wedding with energy and heart

This wedding was particularly special to me.  Being neurodiverse often presents challenges.  But bride Lauren is a living example of turning it into a super power and she sends out a strong message to just be yourself, no matter what.  She is wild, courageous and I LOVE her!  This wedding was a visual treat; a non stop kaleidoscope of animated people, FUN times, and with no shortage of heart too.  I could go on but I won’t.  There’s so much more to talk about re: this wedding, and Lauren is the perfect person to begin.

Iron house wedding first dance groom wears party bowlers hat the couple are surrounded by bubbles

An excuse for a good party

Lauren explains how she and John ended up walking down the aisle:

‘John and I met at work where he baffled me with 50p chat and by inviting himself to meetings I attended.  Despite my dismay in his choice of footwear (his dad’s brown moccasins) he won me over.

‘We moved from Liverpool to Birmingham in 2017 where neither of us really wanted to be (and have stayed for 7 years).  We built a wonderful and rich life together full of adventure and laughter while both maintaining our own interests and individuality, despite how different they are!

‘Keen to throw a massive party where I could curate the music, I slowly chipped away at John stressing my desire to not be an old maid.  We got engaged in May 2022, success!  No kids, but a wonderful cat Esteban, it was only right.’

bride and bridal party, bridesmaids getting ready, bridal prep

Iron House in Birmingham – a historic industrial building in the Jewellery Quarter

Take the word ‘exuberant’ and multiply it by 50.  Lauren and John knew what they wanted from the outset and their vision resulted in a colourful, truly joyful celebration with friends and family.

As a venue they opted for their wedding photography at Iron House in Birmingham, a bright modern gallery space with exposed brick and artwork on display.  There were little touches to embrace the quirky style of the venue, from the colourful bridesmaid’s dresses to the chalkboard designs throughout, provided by artist Hannah Exall.

bridesmaids in colourful shift dresses shoot bubbles with bubble guns at bride and groom

Unique wedding touches

Lauren’s look embraced vintage sophistication, from the lace detail on her dress to her cute pixie cut and red lip, styled on the day by Lipstick and Curls.

You’ll see there is no confetti shot for this wedding; it was bubbles all the way; fun, environmentally friendly, and they didn’t seem to run out for quite some time… let’s just say that the guests had a lot of fun with their bubble guns.  You may pick up on that.

No shrinking violet

If you hadn’t noticed, you can probably tell from the image above that Lauren is no shrinking violet.  She describes this pic as:

‘pure carnage, before the first dance too if I remember correctly! I particularly enjoy the look of confusion and disdain on the faces of guests, while bridesmaid fully supports and encourages this display of anarchic behaviour. That’s classic me, right there. Having a lovely time without a care of the views of observers – meant in the nicest way!’

emotional bride walking down aisle with father and sunflower bouquet

Treasured memories for many reasons

There were so many wonderful elements to the day, Lauren found it difficult to pick one favourite.  But it was clear how much it meant to her that her dad could be there to celebrate and contribute.  She says:

‘I have particularly special memories of my dad and I; he had terminal cancer and was struggling. But he showed up in every way to what was basically a four day party and you would never have known how ill he was.

‘I can’t lie, hearing my dad’s speech was always a big bonus to getting married, I’d heard how good his speeches were at his annual Union dinner events and he pulled it out of the bag for my brothers big gay wedding a few years before, not shying away from celebrating LBGTQ equality in his speech.

‘Having a good dance to Sultans of Swing by Dire Straits with my dear old man is now a treasured memory.’

This wedding is also a treasured memory of mine.  From start to finish, the colours, the energy and all the emotions made it not only a joy to photograph, but also a wonderful experience I won’t be forgetting in a hurry!

bridesmaids in colourful shift dresses, laughing in bathroom bride opening humourous gifts, laughing close up of bride unwrapping presents bridal party toasts cheers with blue champagne bridal prep close up details, wedding dress and white wedding plimsolls, trainers bride fitting on wedding dress bridesmaid buttoning wedding dress on bride bridesmaid buttoning wedding dress on bride wide shot ironhouse wedding breakfast setup, tables and chairs, artwork wedding details at Ironhouse Birmingham, Keith Haring designs sunflowers on table and artwork at Ironhouse, Birmingham guests arriving and talking, laughing with drinks bridesmaids and ushers talking with guests bridesmaid and mother of the bride laughing in car with bride bridesmaid checks bride's make up and lipstick groom waits for bride with wedding celebrant guests mingling and chattingcheeky bride swears with middle finger, walking with father bridesmaids walk aisle in colourful shift dresses groom spots bride walking down the aisle with sunflower bouquet and father bride and father walk down aisle surrounded by guestsbride kissing groom at ceremony bride and groom smiling at ceremony guests smiling, taking photos at wedding ceremony bride laughing with red lipstick and sunflower bouquet lace back wedding dress, close of bride and groom holding hands bride and groom celebrate wedding and marriage with arms in air together guests smiling at wedding ceremony emotional guests wipe away tears, crying guests sitting and standing watching wedding ceremony surprised groom reaction at wedding ceremony bride smiling, funny face at groom guest throws hand in air at wedding ceremony close up presentation of wedding rings groom places ring on bride's finger rainbow socks, bride and groom celebrate with fists in air, colourful wedding guests laughingbride and groom celebrate walking through bubbles guests blast water gun bubbles at bride and groom walking down aisle together bride and groom laughing surrounded by bubbles confetti shot guests blasting bubbles with bubble gun, laughing and dancing bridemsaids bubble gun fight bridesmaid in pink shift dress with bubble gun bride and groom standing next to bin, bridesmaid blasting bubblescolourful guests surrounded by bubblesbride and groom with bridesmaids next to bin bride and groom wide urban shot in Birmingham bride and groom kiss before graffiti with champagne guests mingling, bright green shiny knee high boots guest with flower in her hair guests talking and laughing group photo with bride and groom sticking tongues out, bride shows her wedding ring to guests bride and groom laughing in bubble, groom sticks tongue out bride blasts bubble gun groom with groomsmen and yellow buttonholes bride dancing in bubbles with bridesmaids, groom looking at phonebridesmaid poses for photo with man in suit surrounded by bubblesbride hugs and kisses guest, laughing guest fixes bride's make up bride and groom talking through window wide shot interiors of Ironhouse, Birmingham bride and groom embrace, talking bride and groom enter venue together, announced into room cheering guests as bride and groom are announced bride and groom embrace family and guests bride holds up cocktail, laughing guests hugging and laughing at long tables bride poses for photo with guest in bright lime green suit bride holds up playing card laughing with groom bride laughing joking vaping playing with guests and bridesmaids close fixing bride's wedding dress strap, bride on top of bridesmaid on floor aerial bride on floor with bridesmaids on top, holding vape emotional bride cries guests hold up champagne for toast guests smiling and laughing at tablegroom holding microphone making speech wide shot of guests during groom's speech bride makes funny face, groom makes speech close bride clasping groom's face bridesmaid makes speech at Ironhouse bridesmaid stands on chair with microphone to make speech at Ironhouse bride and groom laughing at table guests chatting, blasting bubbles with gun guest crawling on floor, playing with toddler child child looking around at bubbles guests reading cards, looking at gifts at table, wedding favours guests sitting laughing against exposed brick wall bride spoonfeeds guest, bride removes guest's suit jacket guests dancing in bubbles and lightbride rolling on floor with guests, singing on dancefloor guests talking together and their shadows guest crawling on floor through bride's chiffon dress skirt bride with inflatable flamingo, guests on dancefloor bride and groom first dance, surrounded by bubbles bride poses for selfie photo with guests, bubbles bride and groom dancing, bridesmaid with bubble gun guests kissing on dancefloor, bubble gun fight guests dancing on dancefloor and playing with bubble gun Bride and guests dancing on dancefloor and playing with bubble gun Energetic dancing, headbanging, guests on dancefloor guest bridesmaid poses with artwork for photo bridesmaid poses with painting for photoblurry guest jumping in front of camera guest with bubble gun inserted in pant leg of bride's wedding jumpsuit dj and guest posing for photo bride dancing with father on dancefloor bride and wedding guests dancing energetically on dancefloor guest dancing energetically on dancefloor energetic dancing from guests on wedding dancefloor guest offers hand out for dance on wedding dancefloor bride and groom in dress up trilby hats on dancefloor

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