It was a short hop over to Didsbury, a leafy urban village a few miles south of Manchester, for the lovely spring wedding of Natasha and Ashley at Didsbury House Hotel. The hotel is part of the Eclectic Hotel Collection and I have had the privilege of shooting wedding photography at all four of their Manchester venues on a number of occasions. I really love the unique and quirky features at each of their Manchester wedding venues.

Didsbury House Hotel Wedding Photography

The Bridal Suite

I began the day taking photos with Natasha and her bridesmaids in the bridal suite at the hotel. The twin roll-top baths made for some great pictures (all fully clothed!). The natural light which floods into the room, and all of the bedrooms in the hotel, provides great depth for photographs.

Black and white photograph through a doorway of bride getting ready next to a mirror Bride smiling with eyes closed whilst makeup artist is spraying perfume over her Black and white photograph of woman drinking from a bottle of Prosecco Bridesmaids wearing 'Team Bride' T-Shirts holding glasses of wine and laughing

An exclusive and intimate house party

Natasha and Ashley had exclusive use of the hotel for their wedding day. This allows for an intimate house party feel in an amazing luxury Victorian Townhouse complete with 27 bedrooms for their guests to retire to after a day and night of celebrations.

Groom in the bay window facing two groomsmen who are walking down the aisle towards him

Two venues, one great wedding

Both Natasha and Ashley got ready at the hotel so it made it nice and easy for me to go between the two of them to get some natural shots in the moments leading up to their wedding ceremony. The ceremony took place at the hotel before we all headed over to their sister hotel, Eleven Didsbury Park, just a 2 minute walk down the road. Eleven Didsbury Park is a slightly smaller hotel but still has masses of unique and period features in a luxury setting. Here we had the drinks reception followed by a barbecue wedding breakfast. The room was absolutely stunning, filled with beautiful green foliage and succulents which really felt like it became a continuation of the stunning Victorian walled garden. Even the ‘naked’ wedding cake was adorned with succulents, it perfectly blended in to its surroundings.

It was back to Didsbury House Hotel for the evening do where the guests were treated to some great Pizza from the Pizza Peddlers, and a night of dancing brought this fun and smile filled Manchester wedding to a close.

I never get tired of shooting Wedding Photography at Didsbury House Hotel so if it’s where you’re planning to tie the knot or hold your wedding reception then I’d love to hear from you!

Groom adjusting his collar in the mirrorBlack and white photograph of a young boy hugging the bride Bride having a quick drink to calm the nerves whilst one of her bridesmaids is stood opposite her smiling Bridesmaid with her hands in front of her saying no to a drink which is being held up in front of her Four bridesmaids smiling and looking shocked as they see the bride who is out of shot Bride stood in her wedding dress in front of a window with shutter blinds with a cast iron radiator below Father of the bride wearing a suit photographed in the corridor of a hotel through a doorway Father of the bride wiping away tears with a tissue and holding his glasses with his other hand with the bride in the foreground facing him Bride and her father hugging each other with the father holding a tissue up to his faceBlack and white photograph of the bride coming down the stairs with her father in front of her carrying her bouquet Bride and groom stood next to each other with the wedding party seated behind them Bride rests her head on the grooms forehead with the wedding party in the background Bride and groom walking down the aisle arm in arm whilst the wedding party are taking photographs Bride and groom stood opposite each other at a bar looking down at the floor. The bride is holding a champagne glass Bride and groom stood at the bar rubbing their noses together with the bride holding a glass of champagne near their faces Bride and groom getting covered in confetti as they walk past their wedding guests either side of them Bride with two bridesmaids on each side of her holding their bouquets in front of them Bride and groom holding hands walking down a garden path with greenery on either side of them Bride smiling with a glass of champagne in one hand and her bouquet in the other chatting to her guests Black and white photograph of an old lady going to kiss a young child who is being held Outdoor shot of the back of Eleven Didsbury Park showing the gardens and the building with people seated on the left side and other stood on the right hand sideBride and some of her wedding guests posing for a picture whilst laughing Black and white photograph of a young boy wearing a suit running across a lawn with his mouth open Bride and Groom cutting their three tier wedding cake. There is a large clock with roman numerals on the brick wall above the cake Mother of the bride sitting at the top table with her hands up near her face Black and white photograph of the groom stood doing a speech with his hand over his eyes whilst his father is sat next to him adjusting his glasses Best man stood reading his speech in the foregroud with the couple and their parents sat laughing An evening shot of a pizza van with large lit up 'Pizza' sign in front of Didsbury House Hotel Didsbury House Hotel Wedding Photography Bride and groom holding sparklers smiling at each other with the wedidng party behind also with sparklers in their hands Young boy on the dancefloor holding one end of a rainbow coloured slinky which is being stretched whilst adults are stood in the backgroundBride and groom on the dancefloor facing one another laughing with their faces pointing upwards Black and white photograph of the bride and groom holding hands dancing Bride dancing with a female friend, both have their mouths open as they sing along to the song Female dancing with her arms up holding a drink in one hand

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