“Personally we couldn’t have been any happier with how you handled our day. We wanted a discreet, and relaxed approach to our photos which would tell the story of our day through the photos – something we thought you nailed!!” – Dale and Charlotte


It all started with a shot when Dale and Charlotte met in a tequila bar in Liverpool as university students. Not long into their first conversation, they realised they had the same date of birth…and the rest as they say is history! The lively environment of the tequila bar where they first met was probably not dissimilar to the relaxed party vibe they had for their wedding day. The photos show just how vibrant not only the Bride and Groom’s personalities shone on the day, but all of the wedding guests as well. It was such a joy for me to capture the fun-filled atmosphere they had collectively created on their big day and I’m thrilled to be able to share just some of the truly candid moments I managed to snap that day. If people weren’t laughing, they were crying with joy!

Guests throw confetti at newlyweds as they leave the wedding ceremony


And, if that wasn’t enough to make this the perfect wedding day, the wedding venue (DoubleTree Hilton Chester) is steeped in rich history including an 18th Century Manor House called Hoole Hall, a 19th century grade II listed cast iron conservatory and a beautifully restored barn house with the original beams still intact. The picturesque setting is a photographer’s dream so I was very impressed with the venue with it being my first time shooting a wedding here. The venue boasts an impressive 12 acres of landscape grounds allowing me to capture of variety of shots, from sweeping wide landscapes to more intimate emotional close-ups.

Wide Angle shot of Bride entering 17th Century Manor House Hoole Hall on wedding day


The bridal party were in high spirits in the morning having splashed out on lottery tickets. They didn’t win (much to one bridesmaid’s dismay in particular), but lady luck was certainly shining down on this wedding with beautiful sunny weather. The happy couple certainly shared a sense of humour, and I was particularly amused by their specially made packets of Haver’s (Quavers) crisps. What a clever use of their surname! This sense of humour was clearly a family/friend trait of all wedding guests as the speeches contained some of the funniest stories I’ve heard told at a wedding as a photographer. When it came time to tie the knot, there wasn’t a dry eye in the (barn) house and Charlotte was a stunning bride in a wedding dress designed by Martina Liana. The groom probably shed enough tears for everyone in the room which was the clearest sign of how great Dale and Charlotte’s love for each other is. Twisted Tubes, a fantastic lively five piece band, started the Reception drinks off on the right note helping to carry the party feel through into the dinner and evening celebrations. The fun carried on into the night and I left with some cracking shots and big smile on my face. You could definitely feel the love in the room.

If you need a photographer for your wedding at DoubleTree Hilton Chester, drop me a line!

Close up shot of brides feet wearing special slippers that say bride during bridal preparations Bride laughing with friend whilst getting her make up done Bride opening gifts during bridal prep Bride smiling whilst opening gifts whilst getting ready Bride shocked and happy by gift before wedding Bridesmaid in dressing gown hoping for lottery win during bridal prep Bridesmaid party joking about losing the lottery during bridal prep Bridal party toast during bridal preparations Bridesmaids pose for photo with bubbly during bridal prep Bride using hair dryer on bridesmaid dress whilst they are getting ready Bride having her hair set with hairspray during bridal preparations Black and white shot of Bride's make up pre-wedding Bride getting ready with wedding dress on and stylist doing finishing touches Bridal party en route to the wedding venue going down stairs Decorated modern barn house for wedding with fairy lights and two white indoor trees A hamper of mock Quavers crisps using the surname Havers instead Father of Bride guiding Bride into the wedding venue Bride dancing and having a glass of bubbly on the morning of her wedding Groom taking a selfie with Best Man and Ushers just before the wedding ceremony Groom laughing before wedding ceremony with Best Man and ushersWedding guests turning to greet Bride and Father of Bride before walking down the aisleEmotional groom as Bride walks down the aisle Groom greets Bride with a kiss on the cheek at the altar Bride wipes tears as she arrives at wedding altar Bride and Groom both wipe tears as they arrive at the wedding altar Bride and Groom laugh with one another at the wedding altar Bride and Groom look lovingly into each other's eyes as they get married Wide-Angle shot of Bride and Groom getting married including wedding guests from the back of the venue Best Man pulls a funny face at Groom during Wedding ceremony Bride and Groom's first kiss as the room applauds and cheers Newlyweds smile at each other having just become married Wedding Couple sign the marriage register Groomsmen laugh and joke during the ceremony Groom triumphantly leads Bride out of the wedding ceremony with big smiles and applause from guests Newlyweds smile with glee as they leave the wedding venue Groomsmen share a joke with each other Bride shares a joke with her bridesmaids Bride and Maid of Honour laugh with each other outside on a sunny day Bridesmaids lift up the groom while the Bride looks on and laughs Bride looks lovingly at GroomBridesmaids dance and laugh with baby as live band plays Wedding guest looks shocked and overjoyed after being told something fantastic Groom tucks Usher shirt in while he holds two drinks Children smile for the camera at wedding holding pool ballsBride prepares to throw flowers as wedding guests prepares to catch the wedding bouquet Wedding excitedly guest catches the bride's bouqet Wedding guest who has caught bride bouquet gestures to boyfriend to put a ring on her engagement finger Wedding guest takes a funny photo on his phone of another guest Groom shows wedding guests something funny on his phone that everyone laughs at Groomsman dances with other guests outside wedding venue Newlyweds dance and drink in front of wedding band outside Groom shows off his dance moves outside in front of wedding guests and Bride Wedding guest dances and shouts something enthusiastically outside whilst clutching her drink and handbag Wedding couple take a quick selfie outside after getting married Newly married couple share a private moment away from wedding guests on a beautiful sunny day Bride and Groom triumphantly enter the wedding reception to applause from guests Bride and Groom about to have a cheeky kiss at the top table Groom roars with laughter during father of the bride speech and Bride wipes her tearsMother of the Groom knowingly look at wedding guests and applaud whilst Father of the Groom wipes his tears Bride wipes tears during speech and Groom looks surprised Wedding Reception toast to the newlywed couple Groomsman gestures a love heart to Groom Father of Groom raises his glass enthusiastically as Groom gives speech Newlyweds down a tequila shot at the top table Wedding guests crying at emotional wedding speech Groom punches the air at the top table whilst holding his drink Just married couple laugh with one another at the top table Bride laughs uncontrollably while Best Man does his wedding speech Ushers laugh at in joke from Best Man wedding speech Father of the Groom wipes away his tears Father of the Groom hugs and lifts up Best Man while Groom cheers them both on Wedding guest laughs at a joke outside during receptions drinks Black and shot of Bride receiving an embrace whilst she holds a drink Groom picks up flower girl and makes her laugh outside wedding venue as sun is going down Groom wears sunglasses and laughs at something hilarious outside wedding venue Bridesmaids and guests have a boogie and sing along at evening celebration Bride and Groom have fun with each other on the dancefloor Groomsmen get rowdy singing with pints at wedding reception Groomsman dancing on the dancefloor at wedding reception Wedding Guests lift up groomsman in the air and crowdsurfs the dancefloor Groom grabs his friends face like he has chubby cheeks on the dance floorMarried couple share first dance in front of fairy lights

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