It’s been 13 years since my husband John has been to Hong Kong. He’s mentioned it weekly though in the 11 years we’ve been together, saying it’s his favourite place in the world. He’d been 3 times before we met. So finally he got to show me around. We didn’t get to see everything, 5 days isn’t enough for that! A year wouldn’t be enough to eat everywhere John had on his list of saved eateries either! I’m not here to talk about the great food we had though, that’s his job and when he gets around to blogging about that I’ll pop a link in here.

Hong Kong Street Photography

I just wanted to share a few pictures I took on the street and from generally seeing the city, there’s one of John against a random cool wall too! You could just call it travel photography. It was wet and cold with low cloud and or some mist and drizzle while we were in Hong Kong so that definitely set the mood for many of the photos. It also meant we didn’t get to see some of the sights like Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery or the Big Buddha on Lantau Island. We almost didn’t get to see the awesome view from Victoria Peak as there was in fact no view for most of the time we were there. You can check a webcam online to see if it’s clear and I was checking a few times a day! Then, after dinner on our last night it was clear, so we jumped in a cab and got to see the city lights twinkling! It was freezing up there so we only stayed long enough to grab a few pictures.

Travel Photography

I loved the vibrancy and feeling in Hong Kong. I certainly didn’t see it it all but just enough to know I want to go back.

taxis line the street in hong kong street photography hong kong worker head to the office in hong kong soho area in hong kong peoples wishes in a hong kong temple evening light show in hong kong arty wall in hong kong tourist taking a selfie hong kong taxis hong kong street MRT esculator home made noodles junk shop bartender making cocktails yardbird restaurant shopping queue up for meat times square hong kong din tai fung kitchen noodles in din tai fung hong kong view from victoria peak little bao hong kong street photography hong kong traditional dim sum trolley restaurant hong street in the rain night market in hong kong buying quails eggs on the street more cocktails! hong kong tram and busy street hong kong travel photography

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