Taipei Engagement Photography

I had a couple of glorious hours with T-Y and Sofia in Taipei during my stay there. We headed up to a beautiful heritage centre north of the city and then down into the hustle and bustle of Ximending where we found some cool spots to shoot. It was so great hanging out with some locals as T-Y and Sofia are both from Taiwan. We caught up over dinner after taking the photos and I got to hear a bit about what life was like in this busy and modern metropolis. T-Y knows some of the differences between living in Taipei and the UK as he’s previously studied in the UK.

Wedding Photography Around the World

I absolutely love to travel to new places and experience life around the world, soaking up different cultures old and new. I’m also very passionate about photography too and capturing precious moments for couples before, during or even after their wedding. Being a bit more of an international wedding photographer than I am already is on my agenda for the future. It made complete sense for me to arrange some engagement photography sessions during my travels to combine the two.

couple laughing in front of some bamboo

A Dusty Camera Sensor

I’m starting to get more used to just doing this kind of shooting on my little Leica M10 camera, although the sensor is getting a bit filthy with me changing the lenses on the go so much. With me doing more travel photography here I’m stopping down the aperture a bit more than I normally would whilst shooting couples or wedding photography. When you stop down the aperture to say f/8 or beyond you’re going to notice the dirt on the sensor in the open areas of an image, like the sky for example. At its worst it just takes an extra minute in the image editing process, to remove any visible dirt spots. But still I’ve got the camera booked in for a sensor clean in Taipei before we leave for the Philippines. It’s something I’ll need to learn how to do myself in the future if I do anything like this again. I’ve got one more pre wedding shoot that I’m excited to share with you from when I was in Kaohsiung, in the meantime though here’s a few of my favourite shots from my time with T-Y and Sofia in Taipei.

walking through a street with sunlit backdrop Chinese taipei heritage centre some gorgeous light streaming in between ty and sophia crossing the street in Ximending pre wedding photography abroad in taipei the sun setting in taipei taiwan international wedding photographer picture perfect shot of ty and sophia looking into each others eyes romantically silhouette against the sky chinese architecture t-y and sophia in a back street of taiepei

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