Engagement Photo Shoot

We headed up to Beacon Fell for this pre-wedding photo shoot and I was so excited about the lovely views I’d heard about. The drizzle and mist soon put a stop to actually seeing any of the views through my lens! But wow the light in the forest was so beautiful and the mist really did set the mood, it was so peaceful in there too. It wasn’t what I expected to be shooting with my camera but I love the moody feel  we got and think there’s such beauty in the darkness for these low key images.

Beacon Fell Country Park

I’m a great lover of the forest. With it’s 185 acres of extensive conifer woods and moorland Julie was in her element. She said the it reminded her of where she is from in the US. Beacon Fell Country Park isn’t far from Manchester and was the perfect place for this couple to reflect on their engagement ahead of their wedding. If you would like to arrange some pre-wedding photos with me please do get in touch

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