I headed down to the beautiful village of Preston in Rutland, Leicestershire for the marquee wedding of Beulah and Harvey. This little village provided the perfect backdrop for a very relaxed and stylish day. The couple knew instantly that they wanted to get married in the village church. They had been so welcomed by the community in the village when they moved there, around 18 months prior to their wedding, it was the perfect choice for their wedding photography.

I began the day with Beulah in her home in the village, a beautiful stone cottage complete with lots of period features. I had a lovely morning taking snaps of the bride alongside her parents and bridesmaids.

Black and white photograph of four bridesmaids wearing their own clothes in a room with a low wooden beamed ceiling Woman sat down rubbing the stomach of a pregnant friend who is stood next to her Woman applying makeup stood by the window in a bathroom whilst a friend is sat onthe floor in the foreground eating breakfast

An historic church setting

It was then on to the local church for the ceremony. The church of St Peter and St Paul sits in the heart of the village with parts of the building dating back as far as 1150. The church looked absolutely stunning and was enhanced even more by the exquisite flowers from Swallows and Damsons of Sheffield. Beulah used to live in Sheffield and Swallows and Damsons were her local florist. In her own words, Beulah described the florists Anna and Hannah as being ‘truly exceptional, unbelievably patient when discussing ideas and warm and generous at every communication. Providing the best service she could ever have asked for.’

It was a very short walk to the marquee, in the adjoining field by the church, for the rest of the day’s celebrations. Using the field for the marquee had been made possible by some very kind neighbours who owned the land and generously allowed them to use it for their wedding reception.

Entrance of a church with a tall floral decoration surrounding the doorway Floral arrangement at the entrance of a church

Marquee wedding – a bespoke finish

A marquee can provide a perfect and unique space for your wedding day as the choice of settings are seemingly endless. You really can get a bespoke feel to your day by having a marquee wedding. From the choice of colours and decoration to the layout and your choice of caterers. A marquee allows you to bring the outside in and take full advantage of the setting you have chosen.

Just make sure you plan in enough time to decorate and furnish the marquee ahead of the big day if you are doing it yourself as it’s surprising how long it all takes. You don’t want to be rushing around until the last minute the night before your wedding.

Beulah and Harvey kept things clean and simple for their marquee wedding. With white linen, candles and more stunning flowers from Swallows and Damsons, it worked to provide beautiful colourful accents to each table. It all looked amazing in their wedding photos.

It was also great that the church provided the backdrop for the wedding reception in the marquee. It allowed for lots of photography opportunities as the day turned into night with The Good Guys Orchestra providing a great soundtrack for an evening of dancing at this marquee wedding.

Photograph taken through a doorway of a bride wearing pyjamas bringing her wedding dress down the stairs Photograph through a doorway of a bridesmaid putting makeup on the bride Two young children being passed a leaflet from a man in a kiltwho is knealing down Priest stood with two men, one in a kilt one in military uniform, in the churchyard with two older people in the background looking over the stone wall towards them Bagpiper and a woman in the foreground with the bride and her bridesmaids walking up a stone path in the background Photograph from the side of bride and her father walking up the aisle in a church Black and white shot of the bride smiling with the wedding guests around her out of focus looking towards her Side view of bride sitting on a chair at the front of the church with her bouquet sat on a chair next to her View from behind of the bride and groom at the front of the church stood in front of the priest with the wedding party stood Bride and groom holding hands in front of the priest looking at each other with stained glass windows in the background Bride and groom walking through a stone doorway in the church with the priest to the right of the shot Groom bent over signing the wedding register with the brides back towards the camera Bride and groom walking hand in hand through the church Bride and groom walking out of the church as the wedding party are throwing confetti over them Bride and groom in the doorway of the church. Groom is holding his wife's face whilst the bride has her hand on her husband's waist Bride and groom in front of archway at the front of a church with a floral decoration surrounding the right side of the arch Groom with his eyes closed resting his forehead on the side of the bride's head. Both of them are smiling and stood in front of an archway covered in flowers Bride and groom stood under a tree with the bride touching the groom's hat, laughing Bride and groom walking down the road with old houses in the background. The groom is holding a bouquet and the bride is holding up the front of her skirt Bride and groom walking away from the camera up a lane with hedges to both sides. The groom is holding up the back of the bride's dress Bride and four bridesmaids stood in front of a stone wall in front of a church spire Two tier white wedding cake covered with red, pink and purple flowers with a few petals on the cakeboard underneath Bride and groom seated clinking champagne glasses whilst the father of the bride is stood with a microphone in one hand and taking a sip of champagne Groom stood shaking his father in law's hand aster the father of the bride speech Bride and groom smiling with the bride resting her face against the side of the groom's head Two young children sat on the bride and groom's knees Lady sat bent forward smiling at lots of children sat on the floor in front of her Marquee wedding photography Six piece brass band playing music in a marquee Bride and groom dancing on the dancefloor in a marquee Groom spinning bride around on the dancefloor inside a marquee Shot of people sat at tables inside a marquee with a band and singer in the background Bride and groom holding outstretched hands in front of a church in the evening Bride and groom stood in front of a gate in an old stone wall which is lit by lanterns from below. There is a church in the background

Beulah wrote some lovely words about me that I am very honoured to share with you…

‘We chose to book with Mike after seeing his work from a friend’s wedding. There was no comparison, the images were mesmerising. We felt it was important that we chose someone who wasn’t focused on ‘posed’ photographs, as this wasn’t something we were both comfortable with.
We absolutely adore how natural the photos are and his clever use of light. Book with Mike if you want the most down-to-earth, unassuming, friendly photographer you’ll probably ever meet- we had so much positive feedback from guests. He’s also more than capable at navigating different situations on the day, as they arise, without compromising the finished product.’

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