Last year was personally one I’m happy to move on from, I went through a divorce and I moved out of the home I had been in for 9 years. It was absolutely heartbreaking to have to move my cats Rufus & Martha from the only home they’d ever known! I’d like to reassure you all though, they are very happy now! I was renting for a while last year but I’ve just completed on a little place just for me and I’m settling in well. There’s a bit of work to do and I’m mostly living in my bedroom but all the best things take a little time and patience. Despite the lows of last year there were some awesome defining moments too, like getting my ears pierced and getting a big tattoo OH and that big gay rave: Homobloc which was THE night out I’d been craving for years! This year is not about new tattoos or raves (there’s time yet though) but more about settling into my new house and doing some work on it. The garden is a blank canvass and I’m craving a greenhouse. There’s just the small matter of having some walls knocked down to make downstairs open plan and putting in a new kitchen first though! 

Before Seeing is Looking 

Whatever is going on for me personally I can always rely on attending a wedding to centre me, take me out of my own thoughts and really connect with whats happening around me. I won’t see the great photo opportunities and moments unless I’m looking for them. I liken the state of looking and readiness to a kind of meditation. Often saying to myself, what’s the story here? Then boom, I see another moment. Snap – got it! Below you’ll find a just a small selection of  my favourite shots that I took at weddings in 2019. A huge thank you to all the couples who invited me along to celebrate and capture their personal magic for them.   

tear falls from brides cheek indian wedding celebrant holding up blanket couple walk down to the riverside groom points at bride as they both laugh the first kiss outdoors in the countryside bride, father and bridesmaids all walking through the streets to the church reena wearing red waiting in a purple room modern urban wedding photography bridesmaids arrive with flower girl bride raises her hands with mouth open in expectation of a response from her guests groom looking tense as he gets ready with a room full of friends green and leafy portrait of couple on steps in front of old statue pub wedding photography mobberley girl blowing inside arm pit of friend to keep him cool bride and groom go record shopping in salford quays grandma is laughing and crying at the same time during the wedding ceremony wide angle scene of wedding guests on hay bales and the wedding party waiting for the ceremony wedding guests making strange shapes on the dancefloorpastor holds ring up above couple who are laughing black and white shot of bride hugging a guest shot of bride getting ready through a mirror lesbian couple hold up their glasses in a gesture to say cheers on their wedding day sunset walk with newly weds photo of grandad by copy of photo attached to the brides bouquet as a sentimental gesture colourful shot of bride dancing with her mouth open and her arms raised from the edge of the picture the trumpet player is in mid flow and has a very funky afro hair cut grandad in a really sweet and emotional embrace with the bride kids play with cushions and one of them is upside down with their legs in the air close up shot of details henna on brides hands bridemaids helps bride remove her shoes so she is ready for more dancing wedding guest has very emotional eyes during the speeches couple walk hand in hand in a lovely time out moment for the two of them, they are by a river and some trees family enter the wedding reception marquee followed by a band close up shot of couple laughing together covered in dappled sunshine brides sat next to child tent while the kids play around her married pair walk offtheir wedding bus to greet their wedding guests who are armed and ready with confettimanchester pub wedding photography bride drinking from hip flask registrar loses her order of events in the wind two lesbians in gay wedding touch their noses in a romantic moment groom gets covered by the brides veil hapopy couple leave church to be greeted by loads of confetti bride is rescued by friends as her veil gets caught on the steps mother of the bride doing the limbo dance forest wedding celebration bride comes out of lift to find decorator there with paint brush in hand indian wedding photography children having a funny moment between them friend leans bride back on the dance floor bride walks down stairs in some beautiful window light reena and ash outside froyle country park manor house how many groomsmen is too many groomsmen in edinburgh swirly lights in the evening bride sprays herself in the morningcouple ;leave church in the rain and they are surrounded by umbrellas the cake cutting turns into a cake smash family sit on park bench as bride and father walk past sunset above a marquee wedding tableau story at wedding reception with layered interest groom carries bride through a field two groom in gay equal marriage walk through the streets in ancoats at sunset guest cheers couple smile in front of their v shaped ceremony structure which is decorated with flowers for the wedding guests feed each other canapes bride and groom kiss on the dancefloor child climbs gate and looks unimpressed couple in lowry theatre wedding photography safety curtain guests do the can can backlit sunset pictures of newly weds child throws bean bag bride does her make up wide scene of family garden set up for wedding celebration ice cream van vintage car and houseclose up of reena during her wedding ceremony guest on dancefloor with hair covering her face couple smile at each other in church mum, daughter, Buddha and grandaughter i see, the game where kids uncover themselves to great amusement bride and groom dress up many stories in one photo after the church wedding ceremony choas on the dancefloor lots of happy faces in one picture a cute moment before the wedding breakfast marquee at night an older lady trying to dance the floss indian wedding first dance black tie bride and son arrive at church greeted by the vicars man falls backwards into a box couple walk over bridge mum smiles at daughter during the wedding ceremony the wedding party all fall about laughing couple both take shotsconfetti moment bride hugs daughter halle st peters wedding photography gay wedding layered photo telling tw stories one of two en shaking hands and another of two women hugging couple take a peaceful moment at sunset together two flower girls looking cheeky in the bathroom girl looks on at wedding ceremony as older lady hugs her couple kiss under woodland festoon lights manchester wedding photographer bridal floral bouquet groom hugs grandad bride and friend lick ice fountain funny moment during the speeches close up of wedding ring and Indian couple hold hands bride helps maid dress and other bridesmaids take a selfie in the background bride and father come down the aisle child makes a x using his arms and a prop a tableau of wedding guestsbride has love heart chocolates on her eyes as a joke couple raise napkins together during the wedding breakfast man wings child around on field bridesmaid finds bug o bottom of wedding dress and pulls a funny face wedding dance floor flower girl scrunches face up as she gets hairspray on her reena and ash walk down the aisle together couple are raised up by their guests on the dancefloor man pees in the backlit sunshine

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Brilliant Mike.I love it

Fabulous Mike,I love it.

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