SNAP! Photography Festival

I have one bad thing to say about SNAP photography festival, that it’s only once a year and I have to wait a full 12 months for the SNAP experience to be in my life. This was my second year there, so I felt a little more comfortable within myself being around so many people. Well, I knew at least half of them this time, many of whom I now call very dear friends. SNAP hasn’t just been something for me professionally but has been useful throughout most aspects of my life. Both times at the festival have left me feeling more confident, inspired and more in touch with myself. I have to add in there that these feelings have come after a brief lull. For many, the high of the immersive week itself is followed by a low, a sort of come down. But that’s just how life works sometimes and for me personally, for what I get out of it, the brief low that follows will always be worth it in the long run.

west lexham venue

Stunning surroundings

This year saw a few changes to the week long photography gathering they call SNAP. First off there was a change of venue. This year it was at West Lexham near Norfolk. A really beautiful site with tree houses, a boating lake and all the space the festival needs to inspire you to learn and socialise, and it was also a great backdrop to take a few pictures if you felt like it too! I feel at home with the people I’ve met through SNAP and it really is a great community. Laura Babb is behind the festival and has got things just right. Their Facebook group is a very inclusive, supportive and helpful resource in so many ways, it perfectly reflects what the whole thing is about. I was going to quote some of the manifesto here but you’re quite capable of heading to the SNAP website to read it all for yourself!

wyn wiley during his keynote talk at snap photography festival

Mindfulness at SNAP!

There was a focus for SNAP 2018 which was mindfulness and your well being. There was a buddy system to help newcomers feel welcome. I tried Yoga and some meditation which helped me work past my nerves to get up and sing a song on open mic night! I’ve always loved to sing but it’s been a while since anyone actually heard me apart from my cats (and they don’t stick around until the end of a song!)

more laughing on the boating lake

Good times

Party night was a hoot, it started off in the pool and ended with a disco glitter theme in the village hall. I also learnt a few things across the week attending the many talks, with some of my highlights being Hannah Hall, Wyn Wiley and Matt Badenoch. What am I forgetting? The beach trip, the freezing cold swim during a hail storm, the great food, the camp fires and the endless laughs. All the new friends and great conversations I had, inspiring me for my year ahead. A massive shout out needs to go to my bestie Emma for being my rock and sharing a room with me, in particular on party night when I insisted on interrupting her relaxing post-party bath with a mass of glitter curtain and for staying up to watch me lip sync to Whitney Houston. These were good times.

emma laughing on boat sunset high contract picture of group chatting outdoors emma and emma in a tree charlotte and will in a corridor boating lake wyn wiley reaching up for ball in the swimming pool volleyball in swimming pool ana luisa dressed as a unicorn followed by a marching band al fully clothed in the swimming pool paul and rowan in greenhouse behind some plants emma with added glitter paul williams shot on film at sunset emma in bathroom oh those trousers!werid party costume for snap snap photo fest lots of lovely poeple dressed in glitter clothes emma sat by the swimming pool man with whole face painted in glitter trombone silouette conga around the swimming pool fun and laughing snapsters dressed for the party just casually standing in coats in a swimming pool emma dancing with glitter curtain outfit pinarta at snap glitter party emma on the floor covered in glitter curtain emma covered in glitter curtains in the bath al looking cool on a beach norfolk beach scene beach portrait of girl snap photography festival silver portrait with sunlight in black and white girl sat in a giant deck chair portrait of emma in sunlight Emma sat on bathroom window ledge looking out of the window shot in black and white Emma fenton photography shot on film with sun flare

The square shots were taken on medium format film using my Rollei Magic II and all the other were shot with a Leica M10.

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It was the thought of seeing your silver leggings again that made me click. Lovely snaps babes. Hope you wear the leggings on a regular basis ❤️

I’ll wear them just for you 🙂 x

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