2016: A big year for travelling

There was quite a bit I wanted to share via my blog in 2016 that I simply just didn’t get around to. I’ve been very lucky, getting to visit some amazing places and have amazing experiences recently. The photos below are from a mish-mash of places and times over the last year. In short, there’s pictures below from my own honeymoon in South Africa, a holiday in Crete (including the Samaria Gorge), a destination wedding I shot in Portugal, Cornbury Festival, Rebalance Pilates in Didsbury.

There’s some work I did for Maria Jordan and her show ‘One Night in Nashville’ and BBC Sport too. There’s also some personal moments at home in Manchester but also France, Canada and Green Man Festival. It was a big year for travel and it’s been lovely going back through all the photos I took along the way. If I only get to half as many places in 2017, it’ll still be a great year!


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Awesome ‘non-wedding’ images Mike! LOVE Mr Squashed Snowman. We need some snow!!!!!!

Thanks so much Lesley! That was in Toronto where they get A LOT of snow! It was quite powdery that day though and the squashed ‘amoeba’ shape was all we could do!

Love your wedding photos and the emotions you capture but adore the non wedding shots in this album too. The starry sky is a particular favourite.

Thanks Heather, the milky way shot is a favourite of mine too !

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