I had the pleasure of shooting wedding photography for Anna and Stephen in the stunning Great Hall of Oakham Castle.

I managed to get photographs of both bride and groom as they were getting ready for their big day. They both looked great and I especially loved Anna’s crown of leaves, so simple yet elegant. It was all very relaxed and full of smiles and laughter… always a good start. After preparations were done, I headed to the impressive Great Hall of Oakham Castle to get some snaps of the guests arriving.

View down an empty road with stone building on either side and The George of Stamford hotel on the left hand side

Going back in time

I’ve never seen anything quite like the Great Hall at Oakham Castle. The hall was built between 1180 and 1190 and is the finest surviving example of Norman domestic architecture in Europe no less! The hall would have originally been used to hold banquets and courts. Lucky for us, it is now a perfect venue for a wedding ceremony. Aside from the history of the building, the main striking feature are the walls adorned with over 230 ornate ceremonial horseshoes. And they are no ‘normal’ sized horseshoes! The hall provides a stunning location for your wedding and there is something very sobering about being in a building with such history.

Large white pitched wall covered in ornamental horse shoes at Oakham Castle

Letting nature speak for itself

After the lovely ceremony it was a short drive over to The George of Stamford where we would be for the rest of the day. It was fast forward a few hundred years too! The hotel is situated in the heart of the town which is brimming with character and history with its 17th and 18th Century stone buildings. The hotel has some beautiful gardens and they provided an idyllic backdrop for the group shots. I also managed to snatch a bit of time with the couple on their own. It was great to get some snaps of them just chatting and reminiscing about their day. The wedding reception was held in a beautiful marquee on the lawn. The decor was kept simple and white with flashes of green from the flowers which seemed to bring the outside in. I’m not a big fan of traditional wedding cake and  so absolutely loved their six tier cheese cake which was beautifully presented. It was an absolute pleasure to be a part of Anna and Stephen’s day.

Stephen very kindly messaged me with a little thank you note which I’ll share with you…

‘We just wanted to send a small note to say a huge thanks for your time on Saturday. We were especially grateful of the time and advice you gave us during moments like the post-exit pre-confetti period. We also thought you were a lovely bloke.’

Groom and friend facing each other, laughing, next to a bed in a hotel room holding glasses of champagne. Black and white photo of bridesmaids wearing dressing gowns getting ready in the background while the bride is having her makeup done in the foreground Black and white photo take from the top of the stairs of the bride, wearing a dressing gown, kissing her father at the foot of the stairs Two older ladies, one wearing a hat, the other a fascinator, seated, lauging and smiling looking towards the groom who is stood in front of them Picture taken from behind of two men wearing dark blue suits walking into Oakham Castle Great Hall with their arms around eah others shoulders. The man on the right has a black backpack over his shoulder View of Oakham Castle Great Hall from outside with a lawned area to the front and right side and wedding guests walking up the path towards the entrance Groom holding the hands of two young boys inside the Great Hall at Oakham Castle Two groomsmen waiting at the entrance of the Great Hall at Okham Castle as the bride pulls up in a vintage red car along with her father Three bridesmaids greeting the bride and her father in a vintage red car at the Great Hall at Oakham Castle View through the open door of a vintage red car of the bride inside who has a leaf garland on her head Groom and his best man waiting at the front of the Great Hall at Oakham Castle. There are ornamental horse shoes covering the walls Bride being walked down the aisle by her father at the Great Hall at Oakham Castle. There are large ornamnetal horse shoes decorating the wall Bride and groom holding hands and smiling as they are stood at the head of the aisle in the Great Hall at Oakham Castle Bride and Groom stood facing each other smiling inside the Great Hall at Oakham Castle View of the entire wedding party watching a wedding ceremony at the Great Hall at Oakham Castle. There are large stone archways and dark wooden beams and ornamental horse shoes on the walls Bride and groom having their first kiss after getting married at the Great Hall at Oakham Castle with the wedding party in the background applauding Bride with a big smile on her face with her hands on the grooms shoulders and his around her chest at the front of the Great Hall at Oakham Castle after they have just got marriedBride and groom walking out of the Great Hall at Oakham Castle after getting married. The bride is holding a large bouquet of white floers with lots of green foliage. The wedding party can be seen stood in the background Confetti shot with the bride and groom walking down the path outside the Great Hall at Oakham Castle Bride and groom with their faces out of shot with their arms intertwined stood in front of a red vintage car Bride and Groom sat in the back of a vintage wedding car with big smiles on their faces Shot of a red vintage car driving up a cobbled street away from the Great Hall at Oakham Castle Bride wearing a white jacket stood outside a stone building covered in ivy along with three female wedding guests also holding glasses of champagne Bride and her three bridesmaids in peach coloured dresses sharing a joke stood outside with trees in the background. All of them are holding bouquets of white flowers with green foliage Bride and groom with their arms around each other stood sharing a kiss in a wooded area Close up of a bride and groom touching their noses together. The bride had a leaf garland around her head Bride looking to the distance with the groom stood next to her looking at her. Both are stood under some trees and the bride is holding a bouquet of white flowers with green foliage and is wearing a garland of green leaves on her head Bride and groom laughing, eating chips out of small cones made out of newspaper which they are holding Bride wearing a white leather jacket and a leaf garland in her hair, holding a glass of champagne chatting to some female wedding guests outside Shot taken through some branches of a tree of a couple laughing in front of a brick wall A large marquee in a walled garden at The George of Stamford hotel with lots of wedding guests on the lawn around the marquee Bride walking up some steps outside at The George of Stamford Hotel along with her bridesmaids. The wind is causing their dresses to blow up Shot from behind of the bride and groom holding hands as they are about to walk through a doorway into a marquee at The George of Stamford Hotel Bride and Groom, shot from behind, stood at the front of a marquee in the walled garden at the George of Stamford Hotel whilst the wedding guests are stood applauding their arrival in the background Make wedding guest wearing glasses sat clapping with a large smile on his face surrounded by other wedding guests also smiling Groom stood in a marquee reading a speech as the bride is seated, wiping a tear away from her eye with members of the wedding party applauding in the background Two female wedding guests seated in a marquee with one resting her hand and head on the shoulder of another sat in front of her. Both are smiling as a speech is being read Man wearing glasses with his arm around the neck of the groom looking like he is wispering into the groom's ear Father of the bride wiping a tear away from his eye with a napkin during the speeches at a wedding. Bride and Groom on the dancefloor in a marquee during their first dance. The are holding hands but have their arms behind their heads bride and groom on the dancefloor in a marquee along with other members of the wedding party. The groom has his hands on the bride's waist and the bride has her arms in the air. Two women facing each other on a dancefloor in a marquee singing along to a song as other members of the wedding party are dancing behind them Woman in a red dress stood between two men wearing white shirts. They are on the dancefloor inside a marquee and there are green disco lights in the background Man with a dark beard wearing a white shirt and a blue tie with his back against a woman's back as they are dancing together at a wedding reception in a marquee. She is wearing a white top. There are blue lights in the background.

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