I had the pleasure of heading to London for the vibrant wedding of Eli and Arun at the stunning Porchester Hall in Royal Oak, just up the road from Notting Hill.

A real sense of occasion

The Grade II listed Porchester Hall was built in 1929, originally as a Public Hall for the residents of the Borough of Paddington. The art deco building is very grand and imposing from the outside with its stone and granite facade. But once you step inside, the elaborate interior is truly breathtaking. With a sweeping staircase, ornamental wrought iron and bronze balustrade and crystal chandeliers, there is a real sense of occasion…a perfect location for a wedding.

I started the day with Eli at her family home in Kingston upon Thames, Surrey. It was lovely to spend some time with Eli along with her family and bridesmaids as everyone was getting ready for the big day. It was then over to Porchester Hall to get a few snaps of Arun getting ready along with his groomsmen. Arun, with Sikh heritage, was wearing a traditional turban and I managed to get some great shots of Crowning Kings tie their turbans. The colour of Arun’s turban was incredible!

Grandeur on a large scale

It was then on to the wedding ceremony in the Main Hall of Porchester Hall. The hall can accommodate a large number of people which was fortunate as Eli and Arun had in excess of 200 guests. The grand ornate high ceilings and crimson velvet curtains provided the perfect backdrop for the vows.

View of the art deco facade of Porchester Hall in London

A very colourful setting

We were blessed with a gloriously sunny day and headed out to nearby Porchester Square gardens for some group shots. The lush green foliage and vivid orange and purple Acers only added to the vibrancy of the wedding party.

I managed to get a few shots of the couple alone in the surrounding streets and then back in the hall on the beautiful sweeping staircase. The Main Hall had been transformed for the evening reception. There was food in abundance from curries, rice and salads to wedding cake, cupcakes and a table full of sweets. Music and dancing in to the night brought this Porchester Hall wedding to a close.

Image reflected in a mirror of a bride having her hair done by a male hairdresser Bride and friends sitting on the sofa with the bride having her makeup done by a woman who is kneeling on the floor in front of her Bride and friend stood opposite each other witht he friend about to spray the bride with perfume Image of the back of a bride sitting on a bed as seen through the reflection of a mirror Bride greeting her father at the foot of the stairs at their house. The two of them are holding hands Sikh man having a blue turban tied around his head by a man in a white T-Shirt and cream coloured turban Two sikh men in blue suits smiling at the groom who is out of shot. There is a man in the background wearing a red T-Shirt, ironing Man in white T-Shirt and cream turban wrapping a blue turban around the head of the Sikh groom Bride and her father walking down the aisle at Porchester Hall London towards the groom who is pictured from behind and wearing a blue turban View from behind the bride and groom standing at the front of the aile in front of a large, framed, red curtain in the Main Hall at Porchester Hall Porchester Hall Wedding Photography View from the balcony overlooking a seated wedding party in the Main Hall at Porchester Hall LondonBride and Groom walking down the aisle after getting married at Porchester Hall London with members of the wedding party looking and and taking pictures View of an older lady wearing a sari smiling at a young child in a blue outfit in the gardens at Porchester Square London with other members of the wedding party around her Bride and Groom along with their bridesmaids and groomsmen laughing in the gardens at Porchester Square, London with green and orange trees outof focus in the background Bride and Groom stood opposite each other, holding one hand with the bride holding a bouquet of flowers in her other hand in the gardens at Porchester Square, London. There are purple Acer trees behind along with other green foliage Bride holding a colourful bouquet of orange, yellow and green flowers and foliage, with only the bouquet, the lower half of the brides dress and the grooms arm and hand in the shot Bride and Groom holding each others hand, and the bride holing a bouquet, in front of a purple Acer tree and other green trees in the gardens in Porchester Square. The groom is wearing a blue turban and glasses View of the bride and groom walking away from the camera down a street in London with parked cars lining the street. The couple are walking towards Porchester Spa, an art deco building Bride and Groom walking across a pedestrian crossing in central London opposite Porchester Hall Groom, wearing a suit and a blue turban, with his hands facing upwards walking next to his bride who is holding a bouquet in one hand walking down a street opposite Porchester Hall in central London View from above looking down through the balustrade at the bride and groom sat on the stairs at Porchester Hall London Bride and groom looking upwards towards a person out of shot, both are holding a glass of champagne. There is a marble wall behind them. The bride is holding a bouquet of flowers and the groom is wearing a blue turban and glasses View of a large red velvet curtain with a chandelier above. There is a board in front of the curtain displaying the table plan for the guests at a wedding at Porchester Hall View from the balcony in the Main Hall at Porchester Hall, London, of a wedding reception with many people seated at circular tables. There are a number of chandeliers in the room Bride and groom stood close to each other looking into each others eyes in front of a large red velvet curtain in the Main Hall at Porchester Hall, London with two male wedding guests in the foreground facing away from the camera A toast at a wedding reception in the Main Hall in Porchester Hall, London. The wedding party, who are seated, are raising their champagme glasses with the bride facing towards the camera smiling but not looking at the camera A woman wearing a dark blue dress and gold coloured bangles on her forearm holding her hand up towards her forehead, smiling, with other members of the wedding party around her but out of focusBride and Groom seated looking at each other smiling at their wedding reception in the Main Hall at Porchester Hall London. There is a large red curtain with yellow trim in the background. The groom is wearing a blue turban and glasses Two women sat on red chairs, both wearing dark blue dresses, looking shocked and smiling during speeces at a wedding at Porchester Hall, London, with a man in a white shirt and striped tie sat in the background Bride and groom stood in front of a microphone reading from a piece of paper, hled by the bride, at a wedding reception at Porchester Hall, London Groom, wearing a turban and glasses, holding the hands of a old lady, also wearing glasses, with a young woman in the background and a middle-aged man in the foreground with his back to the camera A black man with braids in his hair singing into a microphone and holding a tambourine at Porchester Hall, London Bride and Groom with their arms around each other during their first dance at Porchester Hall, London. There is a band in the background on a wood panelled stage with a large sky light above Bride and Groom on the dancefloor during their firt dance in the Main Hall at Porchester Hall, London. The wedding party are stood in the background watching the couple with many taking photographs. The bride has her left arm and hand outstretched which the groom is holding with his right hand Young child with her arms in the air with a lady behind her holding the girls hands up. Both are stood opposite the bride who is partially out of shot, also with her arms in the air Groom, wearing a blue turban, talking to a male in a white shirt. The groom is holding both hands upwards with a surprised look on his face Bride with her arms wrapped around the grooms neck, holding a glass of champagne in one hand. Both are looking into each others eyes, smiling at one another.

The header image and a few of these shots were caught by the most awesome second shooter who was helping me on the day, Nicola Arber. Thank you Nicola!

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