There was a definite festival vibe at Ruth and Chris’ tipi wedding at the stunning Red Welly, a rural retreat in Wales complete with it’s own beach.

A blank canvas for your unique day

I’ve had the pleasure of shooting wedding photography at Red Welly on a number of occasions and each one is unique. Red Welly provides the blank canvas for your wedding day. I say blank canvas but in reality, the beautiful landscape surrounding the venue is anything but blank. A former cottage, barn and dairy have all lovingly been converted to provide accommodation. There are 5 acres of land surrounding the property which the wedding party has exclusive use of. This provides a wonderful setting to erect a tipi and have a relaxed wedding with a festival vibe, just like Ruth and Chris did, and I has the pleasure to capture the day.

Shot of three tipi's in the background at Red Welly with lots of ferns in the foreground

A festival vibe in a tipi

I spent the morning at Red Welly, dividing my time between the bridal and groom preparations as well getting snaps of their friends and family who were busily adding finishing touches to the tipi. I’m not sure about you, but as soon as I see a tipi at a wedding I know that I’m in for a fun filled and relaxed day, and this wedding did not disappoint. I love that you can have a really unique and bespoke wedding with a tipi. And I loved the details that Ruth and Chris had added to make their special day unique to them. The red welly plant pots were genius!

Red Welly Tipi wedding photography

Going back in time

After the preparations, we headed over to Penarth Fawr, a gorgeous medieval house, dating back to the 15th Century, for the wedding ceremony. The building with its thick stone walls, high ceilings and beautiful carved timber work provided a lovely romantic setting. After some group and couple shots in the surrounding gardens we headed back to Red Welly. There could be no other way to arrive at your tipi wedding reception than in a vintage VW Campervan.

A field surrounded by bushes overlooking the sea with people busy making preparations for a wedding with hay bails covered in checked fabric for seating, deckchairs and bunting

A stroll to the beach

We couldn’t let the day go by without heading down to the private beach for a few shots. It was shoes off and into the sea for the happy couple – only ankle deep though! The afternoon and evening were filled with fun and laughter and no detail was left overlooked. From the garden games for the kids (and big kids) to the camp fire and hay bail seating. I really felt like I’d been invited to an exclusive festival. Thanks so much to Ruth and Chris for letting me be a part of their tipi wedding.

 Beide to be sat with her eyes closed as she is having her makeup done View of the mirror in a bedroom of the best man helping the groom put on his turquoise tie. Both men are wearing white shirts and chinos Shot of books lined up side by side with the one in the centre about the Llyn peninsula Bride sat on the sofa in the forefruond in her pyjamas with a shoe box in front of her whilst her bridesmaids are getting ready in the background Father of the bride having his buttonhole put onto his suit lapel by the bride Five bridesmaids in baby blue dresses stood in a semicircle looking towards the bride who has just put her wedding dress on Shot outside of a large tree in thecentre surrounded by oldstone walls and a vintage turquoise VW campervan to the left of the shot with the bride and bridesmaids having just got out of the van and are seen behind a stone wall Bride and her father walking down the aisle with a man playing guitar on a platform above the aisle and wedding guests looking towards the bride Mother of the bride stood reading a speech during the wedding ceremony in an old white washed building with wooden beams and a pitched roof whilst the rest of the wedding party are seated Bride and groom facing each other during the wedding ceremony with large smiles on their faces Bride holding a large bouquet of flowers stood next to the groom during their wedding ceremony in a large white washed building with wooden beams and a pitched roof Black and white shot of of the bride and groom smiling at each other as they walk down the aisle after their wedding ceremony Confetti shot as the bride and groom walk down a stone path past their wedding guests as the guests throw confetti over them Bride and groom looking back towards their wedding guests after having had confetti thrown over them. The wedding guests are laughing and smiling and taking pictures Bride and groom walking down a path alongside an old stone building with a large window. The groom has his hand on the bride's bottom Female wedding guest opening a bottle of champagne half covered with a napkin in front of a turquoise blue vintage VW campervan as the bride looks on holding a bouquet of flowers Bride and groom sat in a vintage VW campervan holding glasses of champagne with a bouquet of flowers sat on the seat beside the bride. You can only see the bride and groom from the neck down Road sign with a chalk board below announcing Ruth & Chris' wedding with an arrow pointing to the right which is sat on two chairs. There are cars parked up on the right ha=nd side of the road and four wedding guests stood in front of the cars Entrance to a tipi set up for a wedding reception with a welcome mat and flowers at the entrance and bunting around the opening with tables and chairs inside Bride and groom walking towards their wedding guests under a line of bunting which the groom is holding up to allow the couple to walk underneath. The bride and groom are walking away from the camera. There is a tipi to the right hand side of the shot Man with grey hair and a blue suit sat on a chair outside playing a guitar Wedding guests sat on bails of hay in front of an unlit metal barbeque. All of the guests are laughing Table inside a tipi filled with cakes and sweets for a wedding reception Two female wedding guests wearing dresses stood on the beach with the water coming up their legs. There are mountains in the background Blue gazebo with bunting reading 'Just Married' across it in front of a stone building being used as a bar at Red Welly Wedding guests sat down, all wearing sunglasses and laughing Best man stood reading a speech inside a tipi with bunting and fairy lights around the supports of the tipi Bride and groom sat laughing as a speech is being read out. There are fairylights and bunting behind them against the side of the yellow tipi they are sat in Bride walking with her hand on the groom's shoulder as they walk through a filed which is out of focus. You can see the sea in the distance Bride and groom walking along a path amongst lots of tall ferns and trees by the sea Bride has her arms around the groom's neck as they look out towards the sea. The picture is taken from behind the couple Bride and groom barefoot as they walk over pebbles an rocks at the seaside with mountains in the background Bride has one hand around the groom's neck and her other covering her mouth as she is laughing as she looks towards the groomBlack and white shot of the groom with his arm around the bride's shoulder as they are stood barefoot on the beach as the water is coming up over their feet Picture from behind of the groom whoc is barefoot walking through a stream with the water splashing up as he takes his foot out of the stream Wedding guests with various glasses and props stood behind a large picture frame pulling faces and smiling Shot of three large tipi's on a lawn with wedding guests in and around the tipi's as the sky is starting to cloud over in the early evening Wedding guests playing a game of catch with a male guest jumping up in the air to catch a ball in a large orange and green cone shaped device Red Welly Tipi wedding photography Young boy stood on a table trying to catch bubbles which a woman is blowing in front of him Young girl dancing with the bride and two bridesmaids inside a tipi at Red Welly Bride and Groom with their arms around each others waist during their first dance inside a tipi with bunting and fairylights in the background Bride and groom dancing with their hands together inside a tipi with bunting and fairylights in the background Bride and groom hugging each other on the dancefloor inside a tipi at Red Welly with bunting and fairylights draped around the supports of the tipi Wedding guests dancing inside a tipi with a bridesmaid with her har in the air and mouth wide open as her partner has his arms around her waist and is laughing Bridesmaid jumping in the air on a dancefloor as she sings along to a song with blurred lights in the background older lady dancing and being spun around with her arm in the air holding the hand of a man behind her Bride and groom with their hands togetherin the air as they dance inside a tipi with bunting and fairylights on the supports of the tipi

A huge thank you to Nicola Arber for second shooting on the day!

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