Kaohsiung is just as big as Taipei but seemed to us a lot more laid back. I had the pleasure of spending some time with Hsaun and Tautu and doing some photos for them. Tautu is from Tahiti and Hsuan from Kaohsiung. They met while they were both studying in the UK. Hsuan was going on a little break with friends to Scotland but the designated driver for their trip pulled out at the last minute, so a mutual friend invited Tautu as he had a car! The rest is history as they say! Tautu has been living in Taiwan now for about a year at this point and has been studying Mandarin during his time there so far. Hsuan and Tautu now speak mostly in Mandarin together which I found very impressive for such a short time!  I got in touch with this gorgeous pair as I shot Hsuan’s sister Yi-Yu’s wedding a couple of years ago in Manchester!

couple walking against a lovely sunset

Great Locations

For the shoot we went up to great little spot for a great view down to the city and then took the ferry over to Cijin island where we got another great but different view back to the city and also around an old fort up there for the sunset. We ended at the Dome of Light which is actually in Formosa Boulevard metro station. It’s said to be the most beautiful in the world and I can see why! After that they took John and I out for dinner. We had hot pot, a local favourite where you have various meats and veg you cook yourself in a flavoured broth. It was delicious. A big thank you to them for their hospitality and giving me the chance to shoot this pre wedding photography in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

hugging looking back over the kaohsiung cityscape getting on the cijin ferrythe sunset on the ferry to cijin kaohsiung pre wedding photography hsuan and tautu looking at each other with the water in the background holding hands in an arch backlit by the sunset close up of tautu looking hsuan wider shoit of tropical looking trees romantic shot of them both holding hands looking down silouhete at the old fort at sunset tautu kisses hsuan's forehead in a romantic way silouhete of the couple against the sky with the sun setting on the horizon couples walking on a wall with kaohsiung in the background couple smiling at each other at sunset pre wedding photography kaohsiung lit up with spectacular bokeh Taiwan pre wedding photography taiwan engagment photography

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