The French

Oli & Aimee had a pretty epic day around some very nice Manchester Wedding venues. I’m going to talk a little more about their wedding breakfast though, as it was particularly unique. 6 courses of fine dining at The French restaurant in the heart of Manchester’s historic Midland Hotel on Peter Street no less.

I’ve eaten here before and got to try some food at this wedding too. I’m a big fan of The French anyway and Simon Rogan’s menu was fantastic. A particular favourite  dish of mine was the ox in coal oil with kohlrabi. Aimee was also a big fan of it and I did spot her finishing off that course for a couple of her guests too! Head chef on the day was Adam Reid and he has now since taken over The French with a bit of a make over and a new menu. The reviews have been great and I can’t wait to try it out. He was recently featured on BBC Two’s Great British Menu. Well done to Adam for getting his pudding through to the banquet.

Manchester Wedding Photography

Okay so it wasn’t all about The French. Aimee’s day started off in King Street Town House and Oli got ready up at Didsbury House Hotel. Both very stylish and plush hotels in their own right. They actually got married in Manchester Town Hall. Like I said this was one epic tour of some of Manchester’s finest venues! Their day ended back Didsbury House Hotel in south Manchester. Arrival for the evening reception was a little delayed. You should not under estimate how long it will take your 60 wedding guests to munch through a 6 course tasting menu! Writing this is making me hungry!

A chance meeting

Last year I was still holding down a full time job at the BBC as well as shooting lots of weddings at the weekends. I was on a very busy train coming back to Manchester from London with the full intention of doing a bit of wedding editing on my laptop while I had the chance. There was a spare seat next to me and a lovely older lady asked if her husband could sit there as they couldn’t find any places for the two of them to sit together. As soon as I realised she was just intending to stand I immediately offered my seat so they could sit together. I soon found another seat at a table, next to Oli. He saw me editing some wedding photos and said he was looking for a Manchester wedding photographer. The rest is history, literally, in the photos below. A chance meeting or a reward for my kindness? I have no idea but I often think about it. If you’re planning a wedding and need a photographer then don’t chance a meeting with me. Make it happen instead and get in touch today!

Aimme’s dress was by Rosa Clara from Knutsford Wedding Gallery and the bridesmaids dresses were from In One Clothing. The flowers were provided by Didsbury Flower Lounge

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Lovely pics Mike. Josephine and I occasionally talk about renewing our vows and having a second wedding. We’ll keep you in mind should that event come around. Keep up the good work.

Thanks so much Leigh! Yes let me know if you plan something, I’d love to be there!

Absolute blinder mate. Love this. I particularly like you use of a wide lens. Are you using a 24mm?

Thanks so much Jonny! I do have a 24mm but the really wide shots will be with my 14mm. That one doesn’t get used much but it’s always in my bag!

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