Always taking photos

Professionally 2018 was an awesome year. I feel like I took my photography to a new level, I won an award and got to shoot three weddings abroad. I’m proud of what I’ve achieved in my work and look forward to making some new goals for 2019 and raising the bar for my creativity and wedding photography. Personally it’s been a mixed bag with some ups and downs. Despite this years low points I have ended it happy and healthy though and I’m very much looking forward to the new year and making some positive changes in my life. This year I got to go to Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, France, Barcelona, Sweden, Copenhagen, Ibiza, Majorca, Iceland, Toronto plus trips around the UK to Scotland, Snap Photography Festival in Norfolk, Wales, Dorset, Somerset and the Lake District. I love to travel and this year has been immense for that! I’m starting 2019 as I mean to go on with a few weeks in Bali too! I feel very lucky indeed. 2019, I hope you’re ready for me, I’m ready for you!

Getting creative

I tried some new things this year with my photography and all the time I’ve spent with my dear friends who are also other photographers has given me space to experiment, have fun and be curious. I’m always taking photos, sometimes its just to document where I’ve been and sometimes I’m just trying to be creative. Below you’ll see a mix of landscapes, street shots and creative portraits. I had some fun staging some murder scenes and just generally ordering my friends about in Iceland- stand there, look that way, do this and do that etc! I pretty much always have a camera with me these days and this is a very random mix of photos from the last year!

For anyone interested all (except the two square ones) of these shots were taken with a Leica M10. Still my most favourite camera in the world ever.

taxis lined up at the main station in hong kong people bathing at the blue lagoon in iceland mike plunkett murder portrait kids playing at waterfall in philippines death on the toilet diving board view over the sea in the Philippines the harpa emma portrait in reykjavic looking over manilla from the 80th floor rowan and george the dog the harpa in iceland, murder portrait by mike plunkett ginger beard paul williams iceland portrait emma and emma against a a blue wall people crossing the street n the rain in hong kongemma walking along a black sand beach in iceland emma and emma in some blue light martha in some heavenly kitty light street photography hong kong mike plunkett and emma and emma looking cool street photography travel mike plunkett creepy emma in Reykjavik sand dune black sand iceland hong kong light show snap photography festival emma dancing in glitter shoe cleaner in hong kong emma and emma posing again in some great light charity shop workers in reykjavik man taking a selfie in hong kong great circular clouds in iceland harbour hong kong street scene from above noodles in pork broth church roof hong kong subway manilla cityscape at night emma looking dead in iceland mechanics workshop in hong kong a snowman in toronto which is bigger than a house a queue at a butchers in Asiasolomn portrait of girl in shawl on beach chinese new year in philippines concert in reykjavik emma laid on floor covered in glitter back to back emmas through candles in church big dark scary clouds hong kong taxis taken on leica m 10 stones on anglesey beach with wind blown direction sand behind each one hong kong ferry pizza night in toronto iceland landscapes emma dressed in silver with the sun going down behind her dim sum in hong kong Majorca coastline emma in orange at snap photo fest Toronto at night girls look out of plane wreck window desert island paradise in asia hong kong street food sun flare shot on twin lens reflex camera whale watching trip in iceland stinky tofu street food in taiwan golden portrait sunset of woman taipei street shotmurder tableau taipei street food at night odd moment of couple drinking hot chocolate street cleaner in taiwan layered street photography in taiwan reflection portrait shot taken at snap film photography mike plunkett taken in a green house unicorn with pink hard leading a brass band around a swimming pool majorca fountains philippines evening gathering another death portrait kids play football in Coran philippines hong kong evening cityscape tim dunk laughing his head off granite cliffs rising from the sea reflection portrait the niorthern lights above reykjavik

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