I had a magical time at Kate and Lee’s Village Hall wedding in Bardsey, Leeds. Even the rain could not dampen the spirits on the day and the brooding clouds made for some spectacular backdrops.

View of the front of Bardsey Village Hall with bunting around the entrance

The early bird…

The plan on the day was for me to start at the church to get plenty of snaps of the guests arriving. Fortunately, the couple were having their wedding reception just a short stroll down the road from All Hallows Church in Bardsey. This meant that I could get a sneak peek, and plenty of snaps, of the Village Hall which the couple had beautifully decorated, and still make it back to the church in plenty of time for the guests arriving.

View of the church from the churchyard in Bardsey Village. There is a large green tree to the right of the picture.

And relax

By getting all of the detailed shots of the table settings, decorations and cake(s) done in the morning, it takes the pressure off once all of the wedding party guests start arriving in the afternoon. It ensured that I got a clear view of all of the hard work the couple had put into furnishing the village hall.

A table plan mounted on a board surrounded by flowers to the right of a doorway which looks into a room set out for a wedding reception at Bardsey Village HallVillage Hall dressed ready for a wedding reception with white material on the ceiling lined with white fairy lights. There are circular tables surrounded by wooden chairs

Village Hall wedding – a perfect choice

A village hall can make for a fantastic wedding reception venue. You can really put your stamp on it and personalise it however you wish. It also allows you to have complete control over who caters your wedding. Village halls tend to have a real community feel about them, therefore a perfect match for a wedding.

View of the stone village hall in Bardsey with bunting across the windows with a view of a blue sky and white clouds in the background.

Nature at its best

Kate arrived at the church in style in a vintage VW Campervan which seemed to blend in perfectly with the surrounding stone cottages in the village. After a beautiful ceremony at the church, I whisked the couple off to some nearby woodland to take some shots of the two of them. Thankfully the weather was kind to us and I managed to capture a stunning shot of a natural confetti moment when a nearby Hawthorn showered the happy couple with its blossoms.

View of stone buildings to the left of the picture and a vintage white VW Campervan driving up the road on the right of the picture with blue skies and white clouds in the background

A tale of two cakes

It was then back to the village hall for the rest of the day’s celebrations. I was particularly enamoured by their two unconventional wedding cakes. The sweet ombré Macaron cake was lovingly made by the bride’s mum, and the savoury Pork Pie wedding cake was from Appleton’s of Yorkshire.

Wedding cake made up of five tiers of Macarons in pink hues from red to cream with flowers around the base and on top

A brooding sky

Thankfully we got some respite from the rain in the late afternoon. I managed to sneak the couple out for some more shots in a stunning wheat field nearby. The brooding early evening sky made for a perfect backdrop against the lush green of the field. A quick warm through and we were back for an evening of fun filled dancing into the night.

Bowling green with people playing bowls in Bardsey Village, Leeds. There are large trees in the background and grey clouds in the skyA table plan mounted on a board surrounded by flowers to the right of a doorway which looks into a room set out for a wedding reception at Bardsey Village HallRain pouring down on the road in Bardsey village, Leeds with a stone building with bunting on the other side of the road with green trees to the left of the pictureman dressed in a waistcoat and tie holding a large black golf umbrella in the car park at Bardsey Village Hall, LeedsView from the doorway at the church in Bardsey village, Leeds, looking into the church where there are three men wearing suits talking to each other with an older lady in the foreground looking to the rightGroom at the front of the church in Barsdey village helping a young boy put his tie onBride and her father stood next to a white VW Campervan. The bride is holding a bouquet of flowersBride and two bridesmaids either side of her smiling. They are all holding bouquets of flowersBlack and white photograph of father of the bride in the centre with his daughter and three bridesmaids either side of hi under a wooden archway surrounded by flowersThree bridesmaids walking in front of the bride and her father walking up the pathway at the church in Bardsey, Leeds. There are green lawns to either side of the path and the picture is framed by green treesGroom and two groomsmen stood next to him at the front of the church in Bardsey, Leeds. The three men are all wearing grey three piece suitsFirst look of the bride and groom with the bride being walked down the aisle by her father at a church in Bardsey village, Leeds. The groom is looking away from the camera towards the bride who is smiling at himBride and groom stood at the front of the church with the father of the bride placing his daughters hand in the grooms hand at the church in Barsdey village, LeedsBride and groom seated next to each other holding an order of service during a reading at Bardsey village church, LeedsBride and groom stood side by side to the left of the picture, holding an order of service in their hands, both smilingView from the back of Bardsey village church towards the front where a couple is getting married, stood in front of a priestTwo groomsmen either side of a young boy, all of them are stood up, singing from an order of service which they are holding in their handsBride and groom walking down a path outside of Bardsey Village church with members of the wedding party on either side of them throwing confettiBride and brdesmaids walking either side of her away from the camera through an archway towards a white VW CampervanBride and Groom walking together with the groom holding up the skirt of the bride's wedding dress as they walk along a path through the churchyard at Bardsey Village church, LeedsBride holding a bouquet of flowers smiling towards her husband who is looking down at his watchBride and groom stood in woodland looking upwards to the right as blossom falls down from trees above themBride and groom walking through woodland. The bride is holding up the bottom of her dress and the groom is holding a bouquet of flowersBride and groom stood in a field with leaves up to their waist. The bride's veilsis blowing in the breeze.Bride and groom walking from a white VW campervan towards the wedding party who are stood in front of a stone building with bunting across the window in Bardsey, LeedsView through a blue doorway towards a wedding party who are stood chatting opposite Bardsey Village Hall, Leeds.Wedding party stood chatting outside a stone building with bunting draped across the front in Bardsey Village, LeedsFemale wedding guest laughijg with her mouth open surrounded by friends who are also laughing. They are all holding a drink in their handsBride and groom stood opposite each other with the bride's veil blowing in th wind behind the groom. They are stood by the roadside in Bardsey Village, LeedsView from the doorway at Bardsey Village Hall, Leeds as the Bride and Groom walk in hand in hand up the pathwayStone building with blue doors and bunting across the window in Bardesy Village, Leeds. There are large trees either side of the building and a cloudy sky in the backgroundThree young girls looking towards a black dog which one of the girls is about to stroke. There are two women in the background also looking towards the dog, smilingBride and groom seated looking at each other smiling at their wedding reception in Bardsey Village Hall, LeedsBride and groom holding hands with outstretched arms walking through a green wheat field with a dark cloudy sky above them with trees in the backgroundBride and groom facing each other holing hands in a green wheat field with a large green tree to the left of the picture in the background and a dark cloudy sky above.Groom giving the bride a piggyback walking through a green wheat field in Bardsey, Leeds with a dark cloudy sky above themBride walking away from the camera down a blossom lined path with green foliage surrounding her. The groom is walking in front of her and only his head and right arm can be seen. The bride is wearing a white jumper, with a low cut neckline, over her wedding dressBride and three wedding guests laughing, looking at a mobile phoneMan wearing a white shirt and a bowtie dancing with two young girls in dresses in the dancefloor at a wedding in Bardsey Village Hall, LeedsView of people dancing at a wedding at Bardsey Village Hall, Leeds. There is white material draped from the ceiling and fairy lights hanging across the material. There is a band playing in the backgroundBride and groom with two adults and a young boy on the dancefloor at bardsey Village Hall, Leeds, holding small yellow and orange balls. They are stood in a circle facing inwards holding their arms out




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