Looking back to look forward

I started this year wanting to work on consistency in my wedding photography. Delivering high quality and something I’m proud of for each and every couple. It’s not that I wasn’t doing good stuff in 2017, I just wanted to raise the bar for myself this year. This meant being more present at weddings and a new level of concentration. What I found from doing this was how many more ‘moments’ I was able to catch and I think that shows in my end of year round up here. I’m really pleased and can see improvements from my work in 2017.

Wedding Photography Style

I’m getting closer to realising what my wedding photography style is, after calling myself a Jack of all trades in terms of that for a long time! You’ll see by my end of year post how I’m drawn to silly faces, fun and quirky moments but also raw emotion. Basically anything to do with the people I’m photographing at weddings. Well, I think I’ll always like a nice landscape, wider scene or romantic portrait too, so I’m kind of still a Jack of all trades too and I’m okay with that. It’s possible to be across different styles. I’ve always said I shoot reactively, so I can deliver something that suits whichever wedding I’m at, just with that core focus on the people. The couples I work with get more out of me for this and it keeps my work flexible and interesting. I’m still formulating some new goals for my work in 2019 but I’m already excited to get stuck in and raise the bar further and higher. Maybe take things in some new and unexpected direction too. Life is full of surprises. I’m quite sure 2019 has many in store for me and for you too. Are you ready? I am.

Here’s a slideshow of some of my favourite frames from 2018. The slideshow goes through them fairly quickly, so below that, you’ll find them laid out if you need a second or slower look at any or all of them! I’d love to hear what you think or what your favourite shots are!

Video slideshow…

Just Photos…

grandfather hugs little flower girl bride gets ready in the bathroom mirror groom cries after reading letter from his soon to be wife grandson hugs grandma before the wedding in manchester bridemaids look happy and shocked at how great the bride looks funny face on the dancefloor by bridesmaid bride falls about laughing with her best friends glitter bomb during the confetti moment groom bites his knuckle during his brides speech umbrella turns inside out on bride and groom bride sings at her own wedding lottery winning brideamaids black and white shot of guests singing two groomsmen on tandem bike in a manchester wedding elvis goes to grope a guest during the wedding reception in a very funny moment couple of wooden bride in wales boy with stickers on his face newly weds walk past an i love Manchester sign grandma holding hands up singing along during the wedding breakfast groomsmen doing a monkey dance bride twirls as guests hold up her dress on the dancefloor mother drags singer through the crowd by his tie couple walk behind brick arch portraitdestination wedding photographer child poses for extreme close up selfie dad holds girls in tight loving but funny embrace couple walk across road in manchetser late sun bride falls on floor after being used as a dumbell confetti moment in beautiful light fun dancefloor wedding photography chester hilton wedding portrait women hold open her shirt as onlooker is shocked leeds town hall married couple in beautiful light women throws sack at pineapple bride has an emotional moment with her grandma bride and her wedding party all wait to go into their ceremony couple in beautiful light in wedding portrait in manchester bride laughs as she steps into the sea in her big wedding dress bride looks down her wedding dress for confetti couple eat their wedding cake father waits at the bottom of the stairs to see his daughter in her wedding dress boy hugs his sister who is the flower girl at the wedding father on his laptop on the bed in their hotel room before the wedding bride goes to lick her friend at bridal prep in a hilarious moment between friends ibiza wedding photography man pulls funny face during the wedding breakfast bride looks excited as she arrives with her dad at the wedding two groom wearing bow ties walk through a procession of confetti mother of the bride gets emotional at seeing her daughter in her wedding dress bride gets super excited at the arrival of the champagne layered photographic composition of wedding guestsMajorca wedding photography guy holds girls shoes at the side of the dance floor picture of cat sits beside tea and coffee at the table dog licks ice cream from a persons cone man pulls silly face with his friends hands on his ears confetti moment that was very windy, the brides hair is lifted up and her eyes are tightly closed as she laughs grooms shocked expression as he sees his bride come down the aisle Dad covers his face in exasperation at seeing his daughter ready for her wedding bride and groom laugh during the speeches swedish wedding tradition of standing on their chairs to have a kiss as the guests clink their glasses close up of bridesmaids on the dancefloor private candid moment of couple with their heads romantically put together man with arms stretched above his head in joy an emotional happy hug after the wedding ceremony friends pick up the groom and raise him up groom feeds his bride cake elvis performs in front of man in wheel chair another swedish wedding tradition of being under the table several guests dancing in one shot man raised up above everybody on the dance floor barcelona first dance photo child bites mans nose brides and guests dance together under her veil woman holds up child by his legs in a fun moment alternative wedding photography guest signals to her boyfriend she wants an engagement ring after she catches the bouquet best man gives speech underneath an amazing sunset in spain bride and groom look back over their shoulders with big beautiful smiles on their facescouple enter their wedding breakfast couple raised up over guests on their chairs guests try to catch the wedding bouquet couple walk down the aisle very happy after their wedding ceremony groomsman holding two umbrellas best man pulls silly face when asked for the wedding rings while father cries next to him couple walk underneath archway of bike wheels covered in fairy lights flower girls and man exchange silly faces groom jumps off a mound towards his bride, both of them have their hands in the air couple pose next to red post box and telephone box on their tandom bike woman pulls funny face after drinking booze from a hip flask two grooms take a walk together during a golden sunset couple marry and have confetti moment at dorfold hall girls falls asleep during wedding reception boy covers his face coming down the aisle with a flower girl groomsmen and girls fall about laughing boy holds up girl while she has a plaster put on her grazed knee couple hug during their first dance candid moment of couple laughing after their wedding ceremony couple look longingly at each other during the last of the evenings beautiful sunset light, they stand in front of a ivy covered building bride poses for a funny photo with her guestsbride is open mouthed during her confetti moment boy looks grumpy holding a sandwich whilst having his hair blow dried man fans himself couple fall off backwards in the sea bride with her wedding party walking to the ceremony bridesmaid finding hook on the brides dress skip the dog joins couple at their wedding gorgeous portrait of couple in front of fairy lights emotional groom consoled by his bride during the speeches couple raise their arms in the ibiza wedding ceremony tanned blond couple laugh at each other romantic portrait in taiwan bridemaids gives funny expression at bouquet couple kiss in barn conversion for wedding venuethumbs up at cake cutting couple wave at people passing by on canoe sat on steps in front of gypsy style caravan wheat field portrait couple laugh in beautiful light bride and groom dance to rolling in the deep stretched out forwards and mouths open couple walk up steps in fading evening light couple spray each other with champagne browsholme hall wedding portrait taiwan metro portrait silhouette groom laughs and claps during the wedding speeches more lovely evening light for a wedding couple tableau of wedding party getting emotional after the speeches couple walk through the markets of Hong kong couple embrace in potting shed at dorfold hall wedding flailing hair on guest dancing landscape wedding photography fine art temporary wedding tattoo newly weds walk off into the sunset bride reaches over to guest inappropriately couple kiss under festoon lights in a barn style wedding

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Amazing work Mike! So many stunning, fun and emotional moments captured!!

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