DIY weddings are a lot of hard work but In my honest opinion it’s totally worth it! Yeah I know that’s easy for me to say not being the one putting all the work in. They have so much more personality attached to them. This wedding was a team effort on both sides of the family and very fitting to be in a community hall in Oxford. Not before they had been to a magnificent church in the city centre though.

couple in evening light

A do it yourself wedding 

The wedding ceremony was filled with love and music. It’s common not be allowed to throw confetti after a ceremony and a popular alternative is for your guests to blow bubbles. But Jess and Robin surprised me by making lots of ribbons on sticks for guests to wave. A visual treat plus you get to keep them for some craft project in the future! Or it could even be something you sell on to future couples to use for their wedding. Rock My Wedding website have a platform to recycle your wedding and list items for sale on their website. From dresses to candles to ribbons on sticks it’s going to save someone some money, make someone some money and do a little bit to save the planet too! Win win win!

sign saying just married is attached to the wall by community hall wedding guest

A new tradition 

Robin is from Germany and there was a wedding tradition I hadn’t come across before at this wedding! You’ll hopefully see in the community hall wedding photography below that they had to cut a love hear out of home made mural which Robin had to carry Jess through and the cut out went on the wall in the hall too! Such a lovely touch. It was an awesome day!

guests mingle outside church in oxford groom hugs and friend gestures wildly with hands couple stood together framed between two guest in foreground best man handing out order of service for church wedding grooms brother had button hole attached to jacket guest arrive in sunshine at church guests hug outside church more guest mingle flowers at front of church wide shot of inside of church groom hugs guest detailed shots of flowers and order of service bride arrives in taxi bride gets ready to join groom bride walks on own up to church bride in lovely sunlight from behind couple do a first look before getting married first look momentscouple just before entering church walking down the aisle together bride hands flowers to bridesmaid best man and brides maids line up in church moody shot of couple stood together in church couple sing as the organ plays guest in church watching ceremony guest reads out a verse in church guest makes speech to congregation in church close up shot of shoes and wedding rings child peers over adults shoulder to view photographer girl wearing red picks her nose in church live piano and violin play for wedding ceremony noisy child is removed from church couple look longingly at each other during wedding ceremony beautiful light streams in to the church on a guest doing a reading couple in love the first kiss signing of the register flower girls wearing blue couple walk back down the aisle as a married couple holding hands ad the wedding bouquet groom gestures peace symbol as the couple leave the church confetti substituted with ribbons couple walk through ribbons on sticks guests waving ribbons couple hug relatives outside church in sunshine mother of the groom and mother of the bride have an emotional moment togethermore hugging outside church guests prepare to leave the church and go to the community hall receptioncutting a love heart out of home made mural couple cut through mural wedding tradition to cut out mural german wedding tradition groom carries bride through muralcoupe kiss bride laughs at being carriedtable plan for wedding breakfast community hall wedding photography pink and blue baloons in hall colourful four tiered wedding cake with flowers on mural and cake on table ribbons and flowers on trestle tablesYorkshire tea in kitchenbuffets drinks and fooddrinks table set upcommunity hall detailsguests arrive for wedding reception side of community hall guest mingle in garden wedding gazebo kids playing in park see saw with kids guests at wedding reception humorous shot of guest playing on lawn looking under their own legs more lawn games throwing sticks to a game with couples initials on groom hugs a guest couple both squeeze and hug a guest with love bride laughs while walking with groomJess and Robin under a tree couple kiss couple walk back to reception couple laugh and walk lovely shot of bride and groom hand in hand grooms parents sing during reception couple look at each other during speeches bride gives speech groom sat down during speeches guest caught in great light romantic shot of guest with her head on boyfriends shoulder guests laugh middle eastern food is served guests help themselves to the buffet community hall wedding photography groom practices his speech child plays with balloon and ribbon stick groom mum watching sons speechlots of parents holding babies in one photo bride watches grooms speech guest laugh mum and bride hug bride gives speech to full room bride laughs brides speech bride and groom hug after speech guests during speeches bride and mum again groom with baby community hall wedding photography guest cuts open grooms shirt community hall men with ripped shirts the best wedding playlist ever on computer bride and groom dancingcouple dance next to each other bride dances with friend girls in floral dresses on dancefloor with arms in the air guest all do dancing in formation arms out in front of them

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