So if you hadn’t gathered already John and I are on a really long holiday! We’ve been to Hong Kong, Taiwan and now we’re half way through our month in the Philippines. I’d arranged couples shoots in Hong Kong and Taiwan before travelling, but I hadn’t pre-arranged anything for the Philippines. I thought I might just meet a couple along the way who might be up for a little photo shoot on the beach at sunset!

Group getting back on boat from el nido on beach

Island Hopping

We took a three day two night one way boat trip from Coron to El Nido and did lots of snorkelling and island hopping. We slept in beach huts and there were 15 people on the trip. We all got on really well and it was most certainly a highlight of our trip so far. There’ll be another blog post about the Philippines when we’ve finished our travels with lots more pictures.

couple on boat laughing

Philippines Engagement

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few pictures of Florian and Lotte who were on our boat trip. It’s fair to say these two are a little easy on the eye and I can tell they are a really lovely couple, beautiful inside and out! Florian is from Germany and Lotte from The Netherlands. They’ve been travelling together for about a year and have been all over Southeast Asia. They plan to be on the road for a couple more months yet.

sunset on the boat trip

Coron to El Nido

On our second night on the boat trip we were all stood around on the beach after dinner and watching our guide busily create some big love hearts on the beach and put some fire torches in there so they looked pretty around the campfire. Someone did jokingly ask ’who’s getting engaged?’ and there was a mock proposal too! All the while Florian was actually down on one knee in front of Lotte just slightly out of sight from us. It turned out the tour guide knew what was going to happen hence the hearts in the sand.

love heart dug into the sand on the beach group sat aroun dthe camp fire on the beachFlo and Lotte smiling at each other right after they got engaged

Popping the question

Florian and Lotte returned to the group with huge smiles on their faces to tell us all the news! It’s fair to say Lotte was in shock but clearly very happy! We all sat around the campfire exchanging stories of how we met our partners and some engagement stories too, 14 out of the 15 on the trip were couples! It was a magical evening. Of course I asked the newly engaged couple if they’d like some pictures taking once we returned to El Nido. They agreed and here’s some of the Philippines Engagement Photography we made with my Leica M10.

wide compositon photograph of flo and lotte on beachblack and white shot of couple wearing sunglasses arm in armflo holding lotte chin with a huge smile on his faceflo and lotte in swin wear in the sea holding handscouple with arms stretched out as the play in the wavesa wave taking the couple by surprisearms up as the waves crash around the couplecouple hold hands photo shot from under the waterlotte spalshing flo in the facephilippines engagement photographyflo throwing lotte into the watercouple under the waterwalking arm in arm through the junglecouple laughing at each other back lit with sunshinephilippines engagement photographyromantic shot of flo and lotte at sunset on the beachcouple sat down on the beach at sunsetsilhouette of couple against the sunsettorpical pre wedding photographycouple walking down the beach hand in hand laughing at each otherflo and lotte smilling looking out at the sunsetsilhouette at sunset on the beach at el nido

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